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• Requires no metal staples

• Uses unique paper binding method to fasten sheets together
• Can staple up to 5 pieces of paper
• Great for the environment
• Works like a conventional metal-based stapler

• Keeps more money in your pocket
• Can be used at home, school, or the office


• 1 EcoStapler TM

Stop using - and wasting staples!

When you look at a single staple, it doesn’t look like much. However, when you consider that more than a billion tons of steel are used every year to make staples, then that one staple appears to be more than it is. As well, in order to make all those staples, raw-materials need to be mined and drawn from the Earth, refined, and then shipped to a factory in order to be manufactured into paper staples.

Each step in the manufacturing chain causes damage to the environment. Whether it’s taking natural resources from the Earth, or greenhouse gases caused by transportation, that one little staple becomes an unfriendly and pricy enemy of the environment. And remember, billions of tons of metal are used each year in order to make staples.

If you have small documents that you need to staple – don’t use staples! The EcoStapler TM ensures that your important papers remain fastened together – without using a single staple! Rather, the EcoStapler TM uses a brilliant method of cutting, tying and bonding to keep your files together – and it’s all done in an environmentally friendly manner.

An ingenious method of “stapling”

The EcoStapler TM can quickly fasten up to 5 sheets of conventional paper together. Incredibly easy to use, the EcoStapler TM is designed to be used in the same way as you would use a regular stapler. However, there is nothing regular or ordinary about the EcoStapler TM.

Simply place the papers you need to staple inside the EcoStapler TM. When you press down on it, a staple doesn’t come out. Rather, it pierces a hole in the sheet – much like a hole-puncher. The extra paper from the hole is then tied and bound directly to all the papers, thus keeping them all secured together. The EcoStapler TM is incredibly effective: you won’t believe that your important papers are tightly stapled together – with no staples used at all!

As effective as a regular stapler, the EcoStapler TM instantly binds all your important documents together – without the need to purchase or use an environmentally unfriendly, unrecyclable staple! Green up your home or office by ordering your EcoStapler TM today!

Environmentally sound

Consider this: every time a staple is used, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be discarded and thrown out. Once it’s thrown away, it can’t be recycled. Over time, billions upon billions of staples wind up in landfills and dumps – all harming and polluting the environment.

The EcoStapler TM not only protects your local environment, it also saves you money as well. Money that you would normally spend on staples now stays in your pocket! Additionally, you’ll also be doing your part for the planet, by reducing the amount of eco-unfriendly metal staples you’re using and throwing out.

Stop stapling when you don’t have to! Save money and do your part for Earth and Mother Nature by ordering your own uniquely green EcoStapler™ today!